From last few years, Javascript gains so much popularity among the developers and its totally change the face of the web development. Before several years ago, it is hard to imagine the things which we can now easily do by just using the JavaScript. These days, JavaScript is used in both frontend and backend without any other thoughts.

With the increasing demand of the JavaScript in the market, there are so many frameworks and tools also came into existence. So it is very difficult to choose who is the best among them? Where should you invest your time which gives you so many benefits? Which tech is most widely used by the companies for their product? Which one has the most growth potentials? Which stack gives you job easily?

There are so many questions in mind when you are going to learn JavaScript. In this article, I will tell you a high-level overview of the top JavaScript Frameworks and Topics to learn in 2019.

JavaScript And DOM Fundamentals

This section is the most important section of this article. Before going to learn frameworks and tools of the JavaScript, It is necessary to have a solid understanding of JavaScript basics and DOM usages.

  • ES2017 (ES8)The current version of the JavaScript is ES2017(ES8). But still a lot of developers not aware of the updates and features of the ES6. In 2019, it is time to learn at least essentials things like arrow functions, const and let, spread, concise object literals, destructuring, etc.
  • Closures: Learn how closures work in the JavaScript and how you can use in your code.
  • Promises: As a JavaScript developer, you should have a solid understanding of the Promises. You should know how to write code in promises and convert the old way of callback into the promise.
  • async/await: This features of the javascript make your code more readable for other developers. If you know how to use async/await in your code then it will make your code very simple and easy to read for other developers.
  • Functional Programming Basics: It is time to get your hand dirty in functional programming. Learn the basics of functional programming.
  • Lodash: A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance & extras packed with the functional programming goodies.
  • Node.jsThis word does not need any introduction. Node.js is server-side javascript runtime environment and used as a backend for the MEAN/MERN stack.


  • Chrome DevTools: As a JS Developer, you should know how to use the chrome devtools to diagnose problems quickly in the browser. I think every developer must have a solid understanding of these tools.
  • npm: npm is the javascript package manager and world largest software registry. This is the open source and you can find any library for your usage here.
  • git: I think every developer is aware of this word. You must have a solid grasp in the git command to keep track of your code changes by the other developers.
  • babel: babel is a javascript compiler. It is used to compile the ES code into js for old browser.
  • webpack: webpack is the most popular bundler for the javascript. Its main purpose is to bundle the javascript files for the browser.
  • ESlintESlint is an open source project which provides pluggable linting utility for JavaScript. It catches syntax errors and style issues

Libraries And Frameworks

  • React: React is a JavaScript most popular and widely used library for building the user interfaces. It is created by Facebook by the idea of uni-directional data flow. According to the StackOverflow survey, React is one of the most used libraries in the production and first priority among the companies.
  • Angular: After the React, Angular is the first choice for the developers. Angular is created by Google and it has every year updates. At the time of writing this article, the current version of the angular is 7.


This is all about the top Javascript Frameworks and topics to learn in 2019. I prepare this data from various sources like StackOverflow Survey, Linkedin, Indeed Data and Google trends. In the library, I only list two react and angular because these two are dominating the market and nothing even come close. You can also have a close eye on the Vue.js which is another a powerful framework.

Hope this article gives you a clear idea of what you should learn in 2019 to enhance your skills in the JavaScript world.

If you have any suggestions then let me know in the comment section. I will update the articles according to that suggestion.

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