If you are going to learn JavaScript or already have some knowledge about the Javascript then you most likely heard how important it is to learn the Javascript fundamentals.

But the problem is you don’t know exactly what are the JavaScript fundamentals and where to learn them. If you search on google then you will find lots of tutorials on the JavaScript fundamentals but not all of them are useful.

Some results from the google search are not going to help you.

In this article, I am going to list down all the fundamentals of the javascript and provide a link so that from there you can learn those fundamentals of the javascript.

JavaScript Variables

In JavaScript, variables can be defined using the var, let and const keyword.

All the above three keywords have their own specific use cases and you will use them in your code depending upon the requirements.

You can learn in deep about the javascript variables from this article by scotch.io

Data Types In Javascript

All programming languages have the data types and JavaScript is not an exception. To become a better Javascript developer, you must have deep knowledge in the javascript data types.

The data types are used to define one particular type of data in the programming language. This will tell you what values you can assign to a variable declared by you.

This article from the Digital Ocean explains very well what is a data type in javascript.

Once you have understood what are the data types in JavaScript and how to use them then half of the JavaScript fundamentals already covered by you. So learn this very well and have a deep understanding of each data types and there use cases.

JavaScript Functions

A function is a bit of reusable code that can be assigned to variables, stored in objects or arrays, passed as an argument to other functions, and returned from functions.

In JavaScript there are three ways to define the function:

You can learn about the JavaScript functions in detail from this link.

Flow Control in Javascript

Sometimes, we want to modify the flow of how our program works, means we want to run code only if some certain conditions met. This is where flow control will help you in the JavaScript.

Without having a proper understanding of the flow control then it is very difficult for you to become a good developer.

Almost in after every 4 lines of code, you need to control the flow of your program depending upon some conditions and you can write a good code only when you have a proper understanding of the JavaScript flow control like if statement, for loop, while loop, nested loop etc.

Codecademy have a very good tutorial on this topic. You can learn that from here.

Javascript Prototype + this

In JavaScript, we mostly deal with the objects and without knowing the javascript prototype and how this keyword works in the JavaScript, It is really very hard for you to go far in the JavaScript development.

These are the fundamentals of almost everything in JavaScript. You can learn more about this from the article written by tylermcginnis by visiting this link.

Javascript Arrays Methods

Javascript is a very large set of arrays methods. Some of them are really very useful while writing clean code in JavaScript.

You must have a good understanding of JavaScript array methods like map, filter, reduce. When you have a good understanding of these arrays methods then you can read this article where you can find the more use cases in details with the examples.

Writing Clean Code

If you have knowledge about all the listed things in this article but you can’t write clean code then you may face issues while working with the team.

It is obvious that everyone is writing code according to their need but it is always admirable if you follow the best code practice which is used by the large tech companies like Airbnb, Github, Google.

If you follow the best code practice guidelines for writing the code then it is very easy for others to read your code and they can understand easily.

You can follow any companies javascript code guidelines like Airbnb, Github, Google in your project to maintain the clarity in your code.


No doubt if you follow all these fundamentals in the JavaScript Web development then you can become a good JavaScript developer. 🙂

Javascript is really a very powerful programming language in the year 2020 and its power lies in all these fundamentals topics.

Fundamental knowledge makes you a better JavaScript Developer.

Make sure while learning all these things, you also building small projects side by side to have a real-time implementation of these topics.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or any other great resources which is not listed here then feel free to comment in the comment box.

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