HostGator is one of the most used web hosting provided in the world. It is founded by Brent Oxley in 2002 and from then it never looked back. Today many WordPress websites, small app page landing pages and other business are using the HostGator hosting.

But is it really worth to give your hard earn money for hosting your next multi-million dollar idea on HostGator?

If you are having any type of doubt For HostGator hosting then in this article, we will find out that is Hostgator Hosting is good for you?

HostGator Services and Feature

Before going into the discussion that is it is good or bad, let’s first find out what services and features it provides to its customer.

Today if you go to Hostgator website then you will find that they provide lots of services for web hosting.

  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Dedicated WordPress Hosting
  • Domain Registrations

Below is the some key features of the HostGator Web Hosting

  • WordPress Migration
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free SSL
  • 45 days money bank guarantee
  • 24*7 Live Support
  • etc…

Is HostGator Web Hosting Speed Good

Hostgator has 2 data centres in the world which promise to have the latest technology for the hosting service.

Instead of using the HDD storage, they use SSD storage which is faster than the HDD.

It has two close competitors SiteGround and Bluehost that are also doing very well in the web hosting domain. Let’s compare its speed with these two hostings provides.

For some regions Hostgator hosting is a little bit faster than Bluehost but less than SiteGround hosting. So it is very clear that in speed Siteground is far better than Hostgator. But this speed will come with a little extra cost because Siteground is at a higher price than Hostgator for the same configuration.

Is HostGator Hosting has downtime issue

For any website, downtime issue is one of the most frustrating. So it is very good to know-how is the uptime for the hosting provider that you are going to choose.

Hostgator guarantees you 99.999% uptime and most of the time it is true.

Is HostGator Web Hosting Affordable

Now let’s discuss one of the most important points, price because at the end money matters.

Is Hostgator web hosting affordable for small business or websites?? Let’s find out šŸ™‚

Hostgator provides plans for everyone. Either you are a small website or store owner or you have a large traffic website, it has everything for you.

Currently, it provides below four pricing model. You can choose any one depending upon your need.

Single DomainSingle DomainUnlimited DomainUnlimited Domain
10 GBĀ Disk SpaceUnmetered Disk SpaceUnmetered Disk SpaceUnmetered Disk Space
100GB TransferUnmetered TransferUnmetered TransferUnmetered Transfer
5Ā Email Account(s)UnlimitedĀ Email Account(s)UnlimitedĀ Email Account(s)UnlimitedĀ Email Account(s)
Unlimited DatabasesUnlimited DatabasesUnlimited DatabasesUnlimited Databases
FreeĀ SSL CertificateFreeĀ SSL CertificateFreeĀ SSL CertificateFreeĀ SSL Certificate
No FreeĀ Dedicated IPNo FreeĀ Dedicated IPNo FreeĀ Dedicated IPFreeĀ Dedicated IP
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Is HostGator Customer Support Good

For every business, its after-sales support is the most important factor to attract the customer. And Hostgator is doing that job really well.

You are only a few clicks away for all your need and you can contact there customer support team by live chat, phone call or email 24*7.

In the web hosting domain, Hostgator has a very good image for there tech supports.

Is Web Hosting in HostGator Secured

They offer lots of security options to there customers to secure their data. Apart from the Free SSL they also offer the option of Sitelock and CodeGaurd to secure you from hackers and unwanted traffics.

Should You Host Your Website with HostGator

After reading all the above points, I definitely suggest that yes, you can use Hostgator as your web hosting provider. They also provide you with an interactive cPanel from where you can easily do anything with a single click.

If you have a small website or e-commerce store then you can go with the HostGator. But if you have large website traffic and you need regular scalability then Hostgator is not a good option for you. You can choose other good alternatives for large website traffic like Kinsta, AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Oracle Cloud.

HostGator Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

HostGator Web Hosting Coupons And Deals

If you decided to go with Hostgator web hosting then here are some good coupons and deals for you.

Hostgator web hosting coupon Hostgator web hosting coupon
Hostgator web hosting coupon


Hope you got the clear idea of Hostgator Web Hosting. Here, I tried to explain most of the things as a customer point of you.

Now you can decide whether Hostgator is good for you or not depending upon your requirements.

If you have any doubt then you also have the option to check other web hostings service provider like Bluehost, InMotion Hosting, A2Hosting, SiteGround and Kinsta.

If you have any suggestion or doubt then you can comment in the comment box or can join our Facebook group where like-minded people will try to solve your queries.

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