Recently I took a look at StackOverflow 2019 survey on top web development languages used by the developers in 2019. After going through their article, I thought we know which is the best languages to go learn in 2019 but most of us don’t know how to learn them? Which are the best websites to learn web development in 2019?

If you are looking for the online web development courses then there are a large number of websites who provides the online courses on web development. But the question arises that Is all of them is good to enrol?

Are they have enough content or modules on web development? If they have enough content then again the new question comes in the mind that is they have good content which can enhance your web development skills?

In this article, I am going to solve all such queries which arise in the mind of most the people who want to enhance their technical skills or want to learn web development online.

So below is the list of the 7 most popular websites to learn web development online:

FreeCodeCamp – Learn To Code For Free

freeCodeCamp give you all the coding perks like tutorials, challenges, projects, community and certificates. The best part of freeCodeCamp is it is free and all the freeCodeCamp certificates and projects are free of cost.

The best part of them is they divide their tutorials on the module wise and at the end of every module, you have to build a real-time project.

Best Website to Learn Web development - freeCodeCamp

Currently, they are providing tutorials in all the field of web development from frontend to backend with the latest technologies like Node.js, Angular7, Express.js, MongoDB.

I also start my first web development course from this website and they are still doing a great job in the web development field.

This website is listed on the top from other websites to learn web development online because it has all the things which a paid website has. I will suggest you to first go with this website and when you complete their full modules then go with other websites.

Udemy – Free Courses

Udemy has a very large number of paid and free courses and one of the best websites to learn web development or anything with minimum cost.

best websites to learn web development Udemy

It has an excellent learning platform, with expert teachers in their field. They also provide you with an option to chat with the course content creator to ask your doubt.

I personally enrol into a few courses from the Udemy And believe me the way they explain the things are so good and I but another course.


Coursera is an online learning platform founded by Stanford professors. Apart from the online courses, they also provide certification and degrees.

Best Online Web development website | Coursera

All the courses from them are taught by the top universities professors so you can be confident that they provide you with the best solution for your queries.

The certificates provided by them are well recognize and you can show them on LinkedIn or in your resume.

Codecademy – Learn Web Development By Doing

Codecademy is my first website from where I learn web development online. Since then, they modify themselves a lot. If you want to learn web development in a fun and easy way then I think no one can beat them. They provide courses in almost all the web development trending fields which is sufficient for you to become a full stack developer or backend/frontend developer.

best website to learn web development codecademy

They provide both free and paid version to learn web development online. In their paid version, you can find a personalised learning plan, quizzes, real time web development projects, and live help from experts.

Lynda – Learning Platform By LinkedIn

Lynda is also a leader in online learning. They offer a variety of courses on web development. They also provide a trial period which is also a very good feature to know more about their courses before enrolling into any course.

Lynda provides a LinkedIn insight which gives you deeper details about your progress and makes your increase learning experience.

One of my friends enrol into their one course and feedback from him was awesome. Even after enrolling into their course he got so many job options.


Udacity is another online learning website which offers plenty of options in almost every fields to enhance your skills.

They provide courses in all field from web development to Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Science, Digital Marketing and lots of other demanding fields.

The Reason I listed them in this list is the quality they provide is good as compare to their competitors.


Pluralsight is another great website to learn web development online. They provide a huge range of courses on various topics and have a very good mentor in the respective fields.

Currently, they have 7000+ courses in which you can enrol and enhance your skills and land a better job.

You can enrol into their courses from here.


Here I just listed the top most websites to learn web development online. Most of them provide you with the certification courses which in future can help you to increase the value of your resume or LinkedIn profile.

Apart from them, you can find lots of useful blogs on web development which you can follow to have updated about the latest technologies and demands in the market.

If you have any suggestions or feedback then let me know in the comment section or can join our Facebook group where like-minded people will try to solve your queries.

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